Custom Record Label

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Not available for individual sale. Our record lables are an add-on to customize a record purchase. 

Design your own or let us design one for you.

As you know, our records are all chosen at random. Therefore, unless you specify that you would like a custom label, you get what you get. This is why we offer you the option to purchase one of our custom record labels.

Upload your own image or tell us what you like in the text form.

Records labels from your favorite album make your LP look like the real deal.

Below are a few examples but the possibilities are endless. You can even send us a favorite family picture you would like on your LP to make it that much more personal.

Custom record labels can be added for only an additional $5.00

Below are a few examples of what is meant by custom record label. You can type in the exact album you would like in the text field.