Yorkshire Terrier

The Vinyl Image

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Imagine the time back when Vinyl records were so popular, everyone had them. Fast forward to today, these same vinyl records are collecting dust in grandma's attic. The Vinyl Image has developed a way in which we bring these old dusty records back to life. 

Our animal collection features some of the top dog breeds along with cats and birds and many other wildlife. With such detail, you can almost picture your own German Shepherd or your own kitty cut out of an old vinyl record.

These records are made from real 12" diameter 33 1/3 vinyl. Actual size after the cut will vary depending on the shape. 

Enjoy them as just a silhouette or add a real clock to the center. Make it even more beautiful by adding a 7 color LED display to the backside and light up the entire room ! Remote control is included but the AA battery for the clock is not.