Q. Do you do custom designs ?

A. Yes, For an extra fee, we can create custom cut outs or add text to any pre designed vinyl cut out.Please send us an email or instant message with your idea. 

Q. How are these made?

A. After selecting an image, we use ai technology to generate a detailed cut line for the vinyl record, we then put a random record into the laser cutter and proceed to cut. We use the latest software technology together with a state of the art Laser Cutter for precise detail. 

Q. How long does it usually take to receive my order ?

A. Once you place your order, we design and ship it to you within 2-3 business day.. 

Q. Can you cut an image on a record I already own ?

A. We prefer not to cut images out of your personal collection because some images don't line up correctly the first time. We would hate to ruin something sentimental to you. 

Q. Is there an additional cost to customize ?

A. Yes, we charge an additional $15 for images not already designed and $10 to add a custom name or logo to one of our own products. 

Q. Can I get just the LED lights on a record without a clock ?

A. Yes however the price is still the same with or without the clock. 

Q. Can you make custom record labels for my clock ?

A. Yes, as stated throughout our website, ALL vinyl records are chosen at random which means simply, we can not possibly stock 500 or more of each individual artist vinyl record. Therefore, we choose a random record from our stock of 1,000's, cut out the image and sell as is. If you want the artist that is cut out of the record to look as though it was their original record, we can custom print 4" round glossy labels for an additional $5, just send us an email of exactly which label you would like. 

Q. What is the fastest way to contact you ?

A. The quickest means of contact is messenger. We respond immediately. You can also give us a call at 716-309-2611 for immediate questions or concerns.