About Us

Thank you for visiting our about us page.

Based out of Western New York, our company is dedicated to producing a high quality product for our customers guaranteed. Our Laser-Cut Vinyl Records can be found at pretty much every craft show, Festival and Fair throughout NY State. We have 100's of different designs including bands, animals, auto's and character. We do our best to satisfy everybody by continuously adding new designs every week. If you have a special request or a favorite image, just ask. Chances are pretty good that we can design it and laser cut that image made personally for you. 

The Vinyl Image is in the business of taking an old dusty vinyl record and creating something new and useful out of it once again. Rather than tossing them in the garbage or letting them sit in the attic collecting dust, we create a unique work of art and redistribute these back to the public. 

If you have a question or comment, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email or instant message. Thank you